Going Wide


I did a scary thing. I took the first three books in my series out of KDP Select and made them available everywhere.

The reason that’s scary is because only a day in and I’ve noticed a drop in my Amazon income but haven’t yet seen income anywhere else.

My plan is to make the first book free, get that matched on Amazon, and hopefully get some promos going. I’m going to stay in 30-60 days, not sure which, but at least 30 days. I want to give them some time to get noticed on the other platforms and hopefully get a decent idea what kind of income I’m missing out on.

I’m worried about doing this because what if I lose the momentum I was building on Amazon? What if after 30 days I’ve made nothing on the other platforms and my Amazon income has dropped significantly, and I have to spend another year building it back up?

It’s a scary prospect, but I’m not overly happy with the way Amazon has treated me as an indie author, so I’d like to take a stroll through other pastures.

This could be a completely failed experiment that finds me in 30 days sacrificing goats and virgins and whatever I can get my hands on to find my way back on Amazon lists, but at least I tried.

That’s not really a comfort right now, though.



  1. I like the idea of you going free with book 1. That should stop any bleed on Amazon. I will say that the other platforms are very different than Amazon, in that it’s very difficult to get naturally discovered. Either you get lucky and get a “merchandising rep” or you somehow drive people to your books through promos or marketing voodoo of some sort.

    Trying first book free and leaving the other 2 in select may be a great half-step to see what’s what. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have multiple series, only do it with one series to start, so you don’t mess up your good fortune and current sales?

    Just ideas. Whatever you do, best of luck!


  2. Thanks, I appreciate the advice.
    I have the first book of a second series out in the Amazon store and will publish the second book next month. I’m planning on keeping them in KDP Select for at least the first 90 days. I emailed Kobo about highlighting my book and I’m going to apply for another Bookbub and ENT, so we’ll see what happens.


  3. Awesome. Listen, if you can get a “iTunes Connect” account, you can go to the bottom of the first page, click “contact us,” and choose the dropdown asking to be featured on Apple. It’ll ask you to answer a bunch of questions as to why you’d be a good fit for a feature. Worth a shot!


  4. Nope, all you do is click the Apple icon in D2D to see the iBooks preview page in your browser. Up in the URL you’ll see something like “id1234215125” — that’s your ID number. You’ll need that when contacting Apple about your book. It’s one of the questions they want you to answer.


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