Pantsing Vs. Plotting, Writing Plan, and Stuff

To get it out of the way, I do both, I’m a plotter and a pantser. Currently I have the next two books in my series roughly plotted out, as well as the book I’m currently working on. However, while I’m writing stuff pops up that I’d never considered that ends up working perfectly. It’s actually really weird and awesome and I love my subconscious mind, it figures things out before I even realize there’s a problem.

Anyway, I bring this up because right now I’m writing Book 2. I have book 3 and the crossover book 4 loosely figured out. I also have a Christmas short planned that isn’t in either series. The rest of my year and the first month of next are taken care of. With the rest of life’s obligations (Family, TV, House) two thousand words a day are my max so I will not be writing anything else. However, that has not stopped me from looking ahead.

I like Sci-Fi Romance. I’m slowly building up a mailing list (Whoohoo 42 people want to read more!) and I’m creating a BRAND. I want more though. I want to be where the people are, I want to—sorry almost broke out into song there. (Little Mermaid in case you were curious)

I want magic! I want more world building and less sex (sorry)! I want mystery and intrigue and – Damnit I want to write a Paranormal something. Whether it’s a cozy or a romance or something else entirely I want to do it!

So I’m going to. I’m really hoping for some crossover between the Sci-Fi romance and paranormal people and I think there will be but then I read horror stories of authors who changed genres and lost EVERYTHING! Of course if I lose everything, that wouldn’t be much.

So here’s my plan, cause I know you guys are waiting with baited breath. I’m going to write a Paranormal something starting in February. I’m going to shoot for something longer than my current works (Yeah world building!) and see what happens. Maybe I’ll flip-flop between the two genres, PN then Sci-Fi, PN then Sci-Fi. We’ll see how it goes.

Of course doing this completely throws me off schedule wise and I would end up not publishing anything for two months, so that’s kind of scary. People will forget about me I just know it! Only trad published authors can release books twice a year and still survive!

Dude, self-publishing is hard.

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