October 2015 Numbers


Word Goal:                                                   20,000

Words Written:                                           12,693

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:    3


I didn’t come close to my word goal, which is a bummer. I did, however, learn some things this month. I can’t write/edit when visiting family and I can’t write/edit when family is visiting me. I already knew this, but maybe this time the lesson will be learned.

I also learned that I can’t write while I’m sick or my daughter is sick. Between visiting and sickness I lost over two weeks of work time, so I’m behind and having to redo my schedule for the year. I’m hoping to still publish a short and a novel, but it’s going to be a lot tighter than I like.


Sales:                                                              356

Pages Read:                                                   39,652

Free Downloads:                                         1933


I ended up with six sales on Nook and Kobo both and somehow two physical copies were purchased. I feel kind of bad about those two because they still have my old cover. The plan is to update that and make it the size of a mass market paperback in December, but because of the whole writing re-schedule we’ll see what happens.

I’m pretty ecstatic about those sales. I published my fifth book and sales hadn’t quiet dropped from my last release. My husband also started to take an interest and submitted to a lot of free sites for me, not sure if that did anything, but it was really appreciated.

I’ve decided to keep my first series out of KDP and wide. I didn’t make much from the other vendors, but people on Amazon were forced to pay for the series and I make more money from a purchase.

I’m also going to try and stop reading reviews. I got some really awesome reviews on my newest book, but I got one stupid review. I say stupid instead of bad because I honestly have no idea what book the woman was reading, but it wasn’t mine. Apparently she thinks my characters yelled at each other too much. My characters didn’t raise their voice to anyone, no idea what is going on there. Instead of remembering those amazing reviews, though, all I can think about is that stupid one.


November Goals:

-Write and Publish Christmas short story

-Write 20k in 3rd book or possibly finish it

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