February Thoughts

February has been a pretty busy month self-publishing wise and it’s only the ninth. I released two box sets, a new book, and took part in a large multi-author promotion. All that, and I’m still down from the same time last month. It’s really hard not to feel dejected.

I’ve been releasing books about every forty days, or so, and the pace is—not grueling but very consistent. Anytime I find myself sitting at the computer I begin working on paperback editions, covers, updating back matter, updating Excel spreadsheets, reorganizing my filing system, all that and getting an increasing number of words written and yet I’m not seeing as much growth as I was last year.

Maybe I need to move onto a new series? I’ve got 2 and they both have more stories to tell, and I’ve had at least two readers ask for more, but maybe a new series will grab people again? I don’t know.

I’m not set to publish anything until April 4th, because I’m working on a new project, but it won’t be published until August. I’m playing the long game, but it’s hard to stick with my plans when I see my income dropping.

I was really hoping to break $10k this year since that’s a bit more than what I would make if I had to go back to work at a minimum wage job working part time, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I know a lot can change and it’s only the second month of the year, but sometimes it’s hard to stay positive.

Sorry for the depressing post, just needed to get my feelings out there.

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