February 2016 Numbers


Words Written:                                                       37102

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:                0

Days I Didn’t Reach my 2500 word Goal:          3


I worked on a new project in February, one that won’t be published until much later in the year. It’s a Paranormal Romance, which I’ve read many of, but I’ve never actually tried to write or even study how other’s write. I realized that within the first two days so I went online, found some of the top rated Paranormal Romance books and started reading.

It’s been interesting and I’ve learned a lot, but I’m also concerned. I started writing my book in third person, on the third day I had a crisis of confidence and rewrote everything in first person. Then the thought entered my mind that no one was writing in first person and most of my experience is in third so I would return to that format. I’ve now read three of the Paranormal Romance books I bought and I started another and they are all in first person.

So now I find myself with over 30k words written in third person, wondering if I should try and convert it all to first. It’s a daunting task, if that’s the route I decide to go, but I do have the time, kind of. I don’t know. Decisions are hard.




Books Sold:                                                   330

Pages Read:                                                   21,623

Free Downloads:                                         690


So my sales are technically up from last month, which is good considering I published two box sets and a new book, however my income is down for the month because I ran two sales on the box sets and they were priced at $.99 for a week. Had a good number of downloads, but overall lost a lot of money and didn’t gain any reviews or mailing list signups.

My free downloads are down, even though I ran a Genre Pulse promo for one of my free books. I’ve run a Genre Pulse promo before and I saw an acceptable return, but not this time.

My pages read are also down. I know people like to blame Amazon for shaking things up and then getting screwed in the algorithms, but I try very hard not to do that. I try to be adaptable and just roll with stuff, but looking back on my numbers I can see each time Amazon made a change because my numbers drop. It’s part of why I don’t have all my books Amazon only. I actually make a significant amount more money on the books out of KDP, even though it’s not at other retailers, it’s because I take a loss on books in KDP. I keep one series in, for visibility, though my read-through rate also dropped on both series since last month. The drop from the series in KDP was half which just shows how much I lost in visibility.

Not going to lie, February was pretty depressing and I found it incredibly difficult to keep writing most days. I’ve severely cut down the number of times I check my sales figures and I keep telling myself I’m in this for the long haul, but this has been the worst launch I’ve had for a new book. I feel like they keep getting worse, which the numbers are backing up, so it’s not just me being pessimistic.

Now the question is, do I continue with the series or do I start a new one. I set up a new series in my last release, but I can also continue with my other series. I actually posted a poll on all my social media as a way to engage readers, but I only had one respondent and they wanted me to do everything so that didn’t help.

My current plan is to read the epilogue in my last couple of books and go from there. If I feel like I’ve left a really big cliffhanger that needs to be resolved then I’ll start writing a sequel, if not I’m going to start a new Sci-Fi Romance series. Probably.


March Goals

-Write 10k words in Paranormal Romance Book 1

-Write 40k words in Sci-Fi Romance Book 8

-Publish the rest of my first series in paperback on Createspace

-Work on mailing list and signup incentives

-Keep Submitting to Bookbub & ENT


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