March 2016 Numbers


Words Written:                                                       41,622

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:                3

Days I Didn’t Reach my 2500 Word Goal:         5


So I didn’t do as good as I should have on some of those numbers. In my defense, I did have family visit for almost a week and my daughter is down to taking naps only fifty percent of the time. Honestly, even though I didn’t always hit my goals, I’m still where I need to be and I’m fine with it. Sometimes you just have to give yourself some slack, just make sure you don’t make a habit of it.

April is going to be a challenge. My husband and I are going on our first vacation since our daughter was born. Not sure how much, if any, writing I’ll be doing that week. I finished the Sci-Fi Romance book I needed to write, so this month is going to be spent finishing up my first Paranormal Romance and working on the sequel to it. I’m still playing the long game.



Book Sales:                                                               153

Pages Read:                                                               7487

Free Downloads:                                                     898


I had a 66% drop in pages read and a 54% drop in sales since last month. March was another brutal month for me. Good news, I made enough money to pay off a laptop I purchased when my old one died. Bad news, well, my sales continue to drop. I did not do a promo last month, but I did make the first book in my second series free, which accounts for the increase in free downloads. Sadly, my read through rate isn’t as high as I would like with that series, even though it’s my best reviewed and the one my readers have actually asked for more of. It’s weird.

I must be getting use to the dropping, though, because it’s not killing me as much as it was. I’ve got a new book I’ll be publishing soon, I love the cover and the title, though I’m not sure about the series title. We’ll just have to see what happens. Hopefully it breathes some life into my sales, if not, well, at least I’m not currently relying on my income alone.

It’s pretty crazy that last month was a bad month when a year ago I would have flipped my shit to have even that much. I’m trying to think positive and right now that’s working.


April Goals

  • Edit SFR8
  • Continue to work on Createspace editions
  • Write 30k
  • Keep submitting to Bookbub and ENT

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