April 2016 Numbers


Words Written:                                                       13,116

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:                11

Days I Didn’t Reach my 2500 Writing Goal:     1


So April was really freaking busy and none of it, as you can see, involved writing. My parents and brother came to visit, my husband’s aunt came to visit, and we went on our first vacation since our daughter was born. I also painted our master bathroom when my husband took our daughter to see his parents. I wasted primo writing time on painting. Oh well.

I did get SFR8 edited and published, so that’s good. I also finished writing PR1 since I wasn’t able to finish it on deadline. Right now I should be writing PR2, but I’ve decided to set that aside for a little bit and focus on the sequel and prequel to SFR8.



Book Sales:                                                               180

Pages Read:                                                               8,550

Free Downloads:                                                     1,669


Well everything is up from last month, so that’s nice. I was able to be a part of the Patty Jenson SciFi promotion and that accounts for a lot of the free downloads, love it when I’m able to be a part of her promotions.

Honestly, this was another poor launch for a new book. SciFi romance is apparently a very popular genre and it takes a lot to get noticed in it. Before, I could release a new book and I’d see a nice bump but that hasn’t happened for my last three releases. There’s just so much competition and I haven’t yet figured out how to get my books in front of people.

I keep submitting for a Bookbub and ENT, and keep getting turned down. I did a fivr ad for my newest book and I ended up getting no downloads and received a refund because of it. I spent $250 on a cover for my new book, I’d created a cover in Canva.com that I really liked, but was afraid that it wasn’t helping. This was the first time I’ve commissioned a cover and that was an interesting/confusing process. Still, awesome professional cover hadn’t been helping the book either.

I’ve reached a point where I feel like I’m just throwing money and time at things that aren’t helping me reach readers so I just want to say fuck it I’m just going to write and publish and who cares if anyone reads it. Thankfully my husband has said that he’ll look into things and take over marketing for me. He has ideas, but he doesn’t know much about self-publishing or marketing so we’ll see what happens. I’m grateful that he’s helping because it means I can hopefully not feel too bad about ignoring that side of things for a while and just focus on writing.

I have paperback editions up for all but three of my books, so I’m halfway done there. The new book got a paperback edition faster than any of the others.

Anyway, that concludes my update for April. Not sure how helpful, if at all, people find these, but I like to make my numbers available so people can feel better about themselves. Either because they are doing so much better than I am or because they now know that not everything has taken the publishing world by storm. I love the really positive I just sold 2 million books threads on kboards, but sometimes it gets depressing.


May Goals

  • Write Prequel & Sequel to SFR8
  • Keep submitting Bookbub and ENT
  • Work on Createspace editions for remaining books
  • Work on Mailing list


  1. I find these posts very helpful. Anything with data is helpful. You’re not alone on the whole bookbub thing. I think it’s awesome that your husband is getting into the business with you. Hang in there 🙂


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