I’m Still Alive

I was supposed to publish a book today and I didn’t even realize it. Earlier in the year when I made my schedule I truly didn’t think I would ever be this far behind, but I am. I’ve got a good excuse, one that I totally accept as my own boss, but I still felt a little sad when I saw the reminder on my calendar.

Sorry I haven’t posted any updates in the last few months. I probably won’t go back and post those missing numbers and more than likely I won’t be posting the next few months either. Basically I haven’t given myself a word goal which is good because I’ve written maybe a couple thousand words since my last update. Sales wise since I haven’t published since April, and since April’s book completely bombed, my sales have plummeted. Surprisingly they didn’t fall as fast as I thought they would. Last month was the first month that I didn’t hit $200, though this month I’ll be lucky to get $100 so whatever lists I was on are very old news now.

I just wanted to drop by, let you know I was still alive, and that I don’t plan on quitting this whole writing/self-publishing game. However, I probably won’t be back to my 2500 words a day, publishing almost every month schedule until mid-next year. Babies do tend to slow down a person’s productivity.


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