Self-Publishing/Writing Update

I haven’t updated since September but then I haven’t done much to update on. Still pregnant, back to no energy, but I have been writing more. I’ve written every week for a month and almost every day, almost. I’m up from writing 350 words to 500 and occasionally 1000, but I’m really not pushing it. I’d love to finish and publish a book before this kid is born but things aren’t looking like that’s going to happen.

Oh well.

My momentum is gone so if it takes a few more months to publish I honestly don’t see it hurting things any more than has already been done. Plus, when I’m back to my normal writing schedule (damnit I will get back to it, I’ve done it once I can do it again) I’ll be back to publishing regularly and build that momentum back up.

Unless I’m missing something, just because I’ve had a lull doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to bring my pen name back up to it’s old earning power.

I ended up taking the last book I published off of Amazon. The fact that it was up there with a massive cliffhanger was making me anxious. Then when I looked at the numbers and realized that in six months I’d only sold thirty copies I decided to just take it down and forget about a sequel. Yes there is at least one person out there waiting on a sequel, but I think they’ll forget about it given time and if not one day I’d like to go back to the series.

Actually, after reading Chris Fox’s Write to Market I realize why it didn’t do well. At least I think I’ve figured it out. I didn’t fulfill the Sci-Fi romance tropes that my readers expect and it was obvious from the blurb that I wouldn’t so they had no reason to buy. One day I might go back and completely re-work the book, either make it more Sci-Fi Romance or go full on Space Opera, but that day is way into the future. For now I’m focusing on my second series and writing book five in it. It’s my best selling and there’s definitely more I can do with the world.

Speaking of Sci-Fi Romance, right now things are going well so I’m liking writing in it, but I’d still like to write something new. After reading Write to Market I wrote down a few genres I thought I might be interested in, I followed the exercises in the book, and I’m still not sure what I want to explore. This is by no means a fault of Fox’s, it’s all on me and my indecisiveness. Some of that is pregnancy related, but about half of it isn’t.

I’m interested in writing a cozy mystery, a paranormal fantasy, and maybe a straight up Space Opera. Of the three Space Opera could have some crossover with my readers and if I made the paranormal fantasy a romance there would probably be a fair amount there too. Cozy mystery probably not though. Naturally, the idea I’ve got the most written for is a paranormal cozy mystery.


For now, it’s a side project. I keep hopping between writing the cozy and a space opera but make sure I get my words in for the Sci-Fi Romance.

Side note, I don’t believe I’d ever read a Space Opera until I got interested in writing them. I love Space Opera TV and Movies, but I’ve still yet to find a book I like. The whole Amazon best seller list seems to be dominated by military Sci-Fi and that’s not what I’m looking for. I’ve got a Lindsay Buroker sample download that seems promising, but everything else I’ve tried was either too hard Sci-Fi for my taste or had no likeable characters. After researching tropes for the genre I really feel like I haven’t misunderstood it, but if someone could recommend me something that would be great. I love Firefly, Star Trek, Dark Matter, Star Wars, stuff like that. I’m not a big fan of Battlestar Galactica because I like to read/watch characters that aren’t all assholes/unlikeable.

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